Wednesday, December 2, 2009

in the clouds

Anita felt quite on cloud 9 these days. Guy was so sexy. Well, it was the least she could say about him.

She'd figured it out. Thanks to his help. He was everything she wanted. And yes, there were regrets. Lots of them. Especially with Sebastian, even Randy. Perhaps she felt the worst about that, taking advantage of Randy like she did. Drug induced and all. She wished she could take it back. But there was no going back. She was happy with Guy. Nothing could possibly go wrong now.

Her studies were up. Revisions practically done. No Lucas to bother with. It was just lovely. And Mia had rich Oliver who completely satisfied her need for Gucci and what ever prescription drugs she could get her hands on. It was really a spectacular circle. And there was poor little Theresa, all washed up. Sad, actually. But Anita didn't care.

Then there was Sebastian walking around like a lost lamb as of late.

"What is it?" Anita bitterly asked one day after school when they were both bundled up for a flurry that hadn't quite shown itsself. "Where is that sweet Randy of yours?"

"He says he's sick." Sebastian was practically mute about it.

"A likely story, you wouldn't believe him, now would you?" She scowled.

"Does it matter? What are we to you, anyway?" She sensed he thrived in their love hate relationship.

"Nothing really. I could do without, either of you." She snidely smiled.

"As if, we could possibly be a threesome." He shot back with an even more devious smile.

"In your dreams." She glared back.

"No, only in yours, only in yours." He left it at that, walking away as if he'd spit on her if she looked at him, again.

It was true, she honestly despised him even if perhaps it was the best intercourse she ever had. To bad, about the condom.


e.l. said...

They do enjoy arguing. =D

Meg said...

I feel bad for Sebastian though.

gossip girl gone vamps said...

I wish Anita hadn't changed so much. I can hardly stand her.

Sherin said...

Ok, reading this is better than a lot thats on tv. Keep up the good work! I'm slowly working my way through your archives so I know exactly whats going on.

Winnie said...

She was an idiot and never should have given the drugs to Andy...she knew exactly what she was doing at the time.

Ivyoaks said...

Winnie, your note made me laugh..but in all honesty..I do understand..yeah, Anita was bad..very bad ..especially, with Randy. & I think Sebastian knows this too.

& thanks Sherin, ellie & Meg for your comments. sometimes, I just can't help myself but twist it and turn it more with those two.

Anonymous said...

what happened between them?

elliestories said...

So bitter sweet. They are my favorites. But I like him with Randy too..hate to see that go away..but then Randy & Franny are prett haute, too.