Tuesday, December 22, 2009

how am I to be

Sebastian felt even lower than he already felt when he saw Randy with Franny out at the shops. He watched from a distances, a bit of a shock took over him. Randy was really finished with him and hadn't said a word to him in weeks, it seemed.

Sebastian winced, feeling it would defeat the purpose to be angry now. In fact, he hadn't the energy to do it. He walked the other way shoving his hands in his leather coat. Obviously, Randy didn't even notice he existed anymore. He was happy.

Luckily, Sebastian ran into Ravi, Anita's brother.

"Is it possible, I could find Anita something special, this Christmas?" Sebastian thought Ravi would know.

"I dunno. I'm sure you just being with her during this time is enough, you know." Ravi just smiled.

"I wish, but doubt that. I hope she'll be just Anita. Not try to be anybody else." Sebastian told him.

"Well, I could tell you something. But I think if you can win her trust just being there for her is the best, you know." Ravi shrugged.

Sebastian nodded. He guessed she wasn't up for presents. This had to be his hardest Christmas to ever face. He thought of all the blaw ones he'd been through back home. Always so formal. He'd get to drink wine, but usually, he was still alone. And this year, there was someone, but he'd never felt quite this alone before. How would he ever show Anita that he meant to be with her and no one else.


Anonymous said...

I hope things really work out for Sebastian!

ellie said...

Well, hopefully, he'll get his mind on what should be on his mind at the moment. Anita.

dapper kid said...

Awww well I hope he manages a fun Christmas with Anita :)

Ivy's closet said...

I think Sebastian is changing just as much as Randy.