Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a drink would do

Maxie was busy in the kitchen. Making cheese balls, dips, lots of things dipped in chocolate. It was after all that time of year. It was time to be festive. Party for the next two weeks as far as he was concerned. Even if it was a bit of a damper with Anita's miscarriage, people had to eat.

"Try this punch, will you?" He handed over a glass to Jamie who looked him in the eye. "See if its any good.

"I'm sure it is." Jamie smiled but handed it back.

"Seriously, I want to know what you think. Does it need more zing?" Maxie was serious.

Jamie gave a heavy sigh then a taste.

"It should suffice." He handed it back.

"Come on, more rum, perhaps?" Maxie wanted to know.

"No, no more rum." Jamie shook his head, no.

"Just a wee tad, you think?" He poured a bit in his glass.

"I told you, I'm on the wagon." Jamie was getting testy.

"Well, jump off for a bit, will you?" Maxie grinned.

Jamie slight fumed but took a sip.

"Its good. Really." Jamie smiled.

"You think?" Maxie smirked as if he remembered the fun times they had in the past, so suddenly. Jamie chuckled. He downed the whole glass, wanting more.

Jamie grinned so happily. What was happening here? Maxie wondered. It was as if the ice was beginning to melt. He felt so warm and pleased to be in Jamie's company.

"May I have another?" Jamie grinned.

"Why, of course." Maxie chuckled. He felt as if he were on to something, but he wasn't sure what it was.


Graham I. Haynes said...

This was a good read.

"Even if it was a bit of a damper with Anita's miscarriage, people had to eat."


ellie said...

what has Maxie done???

Heath and Nick said...

This'll be interesting to see what Jamie does when he gets drunk.