Sunday, December 6, 2009

cousins and accidents

"Really? Honest to god?" Jamie shouted a laugh then into his cell. "Well, I'm on my way. I'll come and fetch you two. All right?" He shut his cell then and looked at Sasha.

"I had no idea Sebastian was friends with his cousin." He smiled.

"Cousin who?"

"Soren. Guess they met at this party. I'd forgotten about him, really. Thought he went to the states. Guess, the internship ended some time ago. Don't know what he'll do with himself now."

"What does he do?"

"Something in the media, I guess. Of course, he's not really much good at it. He's a lazy shit." Jamie winked. "Possibly, it runs in the family."

She laughed at him as she was getting out Christmas decorations from her things.

"I have to go pick up Sebastian at the emergency. Seems he had an accident in the loo." Jamie smiled.

"What?" She scowled.

"Seems he got his cock stuck where it didn't belong in his knickers." He bit his lip from laughing.

"Well, be kind, will you?" She covered her hand over her mouth trying not to laugh to hard.


e.l. said...

this made me laugh..what he said what happened. I love him, sometimes.

fan fic said...

Yeah, it cracked me up..but its so horrible too.

elliestories said...

Jamie was funny in this. Especially, the way he talked about Soren.