Monday, December 14, 2009

black dirt

It may be true that I lied
I broke a promise that I tried
But my heart no longer beats
My blood makes black dirt under your feet

Honestly, Randy didn't know how to explain himself. He'd found what he wanted with Franny. He still couldn't quite believe it. But she'd moved in and it was bliss.

Of course, he kept trying to picture how it would be when he told Sebastian the truth. How would Sebastian take it? Would they end up in a shouting match or would Sebastian try his best to make him see what he was missing?

Well, he wasn't anywhere to be found, lately. Didn't show up at school. Work. A lazy shit in Randy's book. The less he saw of him, the less he cared. He knew Sebastian hadn't been honest with him. He couldn't trust him. He didn't. Just as well, it happened when it did. There was no love lost. And he'd tell him as soon as he found the prick, to tell him.

Yes, he was oozing with hatred for this boy he so desired not so long ago. But it was like ancient history now with Franny around. It was much more than a fad with her. This was honor and chivalry wrapped up in a lust that was passionate and very well rewarding. At least he thought so. And no way was he going back to be with the foolishness of Sebastian.

That ship had sailed. He was on the other side now. And it was beautiful, and the future never looked brighter.


lon and ellie said...

Looks like Randy had made up his mind.

Cait said...

Wow, Randy had really changed!

heath and nick said...

what a transformation.

elliestories said...

I like him and franny together though. even if he was with sebastian i'm trusting him more than when she was with cecil.