Saturday, November 14, 2009

who would have known

There was a twinge of regret that Jamie couldn't be quite as close to Maxie as he wished he could be, but just the same he was glad to be back to have Maxie's pot roast.

"Its incredible. Just as fantastic as I remembered!" Jamie smiled as if it was his only way to let Maxie know how much he missed him. He wiped his plate clean with what was left of the bread, setting there at Maxie's kitchen table at the boarding house.

"But you were in Paris, some of the best places in the world to eat," Maxie laughed at him as he took his plate.

"I don't care. Still nothing quite as home as what I can get here." Jamie kept smiling. Perhaps it was the idea that it was done now. They were done with Louie. Possibly, Sebastian would never ask about him again. Everything was shaping up. Now wasn't it?

"How about a brandy then?" Maxie offered Jamie a drink.

"No, I couldn't." Jamie said he was too full.

"You can't be that full." Maxie winced pouring himself a small glass. "Besides, its a cold winter's night. Wouldn't you like a night cap, if anything?"

"No," Jamie got up then as if he'd spent far too long here. "I best see to Risa. I'm sure Sasha would want to see Katy.

"I think I got it." Maxie suddenly smiled.

"What?" Jamie looked at him as if he hadn't a clue what Maxie was going on about.

"You don't drink anymore, do you, Jamie?" Maxie noticed.

"I've been on the wagon for quite a while, what of it?" Jamie winced.

"Nothing." Maxie put down his drink and hugged himself. "Nothing wrong with that at all. It must be hard, though, especially with a brother who runs a pub."

Jamie shrugged. Why was this a big deal now, he wondered. He let Maxie drink his brandy alone. This was no time for anyone to put the pieces together.


cait said...

Maxie just might be on to something.

ellie said...

Jamie has a secret..possibly more than one. I suppose.