Monday, November 23, 2009

what we don't know

Sasha hated to call Franny but she knew what she saw. Cecil was here with that girl.

"Perhaps she's pursuing a music career." Jamie stopped her.

"What?" She winced. "That didn't look like a business deal going down. It was personal."

"Come on, Sash, don't start a problem when there might be an easy explanation for it." He shrugged as he took the baby from her. "Don't call Franny."

"But she's like a sister." Sasha fretted.

"And a very good sister you are, know when to keep your mouth shut." He told her.

"What?" She squinted.

"She might not want to know, that's all." Jamie held Risa close. Sasha wanted to understand him, but he was peculiar, sometimes. What was Jamie up too?

"Look, Sash, Franny is busy with two babies of her own. Lets not try to cause more trouble than their already is. And if Cecil isn't being the best husband in village, well, Franny will have figured that already. Really, we should stay out of their affairs." He stared intently at her then as if she should obey him. Don't do it Sasha. You know you don't want to. Jamie sent thoughts to Sasha with his mind so they'd be her thoughts.

She put down the phone.

"All right, I'll stay out of their affairs." She sighed.

"Good." He handed back Risa. "You sing to our daughter, and I will make you the best shepherd's pie you've ever had."


e.l. said...

Jamie using that mind control..poor Sasha.

fan fic said...

Sometimes, I see Jamie thinking he's doing all this for their own good.

Cait said...

She should have called. She should have.

elliestories said...

Hope he cooked for her. What will it take for her not to be under his spell?