Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vous êtes à domicile.

Sebastian had put off his cousin as long as he could. There was a time, he would have given her about anything. Like the little pink laptop he still kept stashed with his stuff that he used occasionally. But now, he didn't even want to make time for her.

"Oh, please, you know you want too. It'll be good for you?" She hadn't lost any of her charms. But he found it irritating now. "We'll go to all your favorite haunts."

"When did I have a favorite haunt?" He'd been stored away most of his youth between piles of books trying to absorb them, evidently.

"Come on." She pulled him out of the chair where he'd been thumbing through his birthday presents trying to make himself useful. He supposed.

"All right." At least, they'd be out of the apartment. He doubted they'd go to any of the jazz clubs he'd so longed for. After a few blocks, she took off running with him to the park.

"What are we doing here?" He winced. Naturally, he got a giggle out of her as they headed toward the enclosed woods down a path that she evidently knew too well.
She lit a little homemade cigarette as soon as they got there. "That should help."

Seriously, it did, after he exhaled.

"Nice." He handed her back the joint and they sat down cross legged in her little hidden world. There was a chill out so they huddled together. Had their moments of silence letting the weed kick in.

"So you really hate it that much here?" She looked at him

"Yes." He wasn't sure he wanted to look her straight in the eye.

"But don't you miss me?" She grinned.

"Not really." No smiles from him.

"Not a bit?" She frowned as if she might be a bad mime.

"No." He sighed wondering what she was getting at. Yes, she always let him kiss her once a year on his birthday, but that was childish and now they were quite grown up.

"I thought about you," she smiled so genuinely.

"Yeah, right." His dark locks fell in his face. He wouldn't look at her. Suddenly, she felt her fingers push back his hair and she pulled him in with a kiss.

"Allez, tenez-moi au chaud," she whispered in his ear.

"Ne!" He pushed her off of him.

"Je te veux. Vous voulez que!" She looked at him as if he'd hurt her feeling.

"Je veux rentrer chez moi." He shook his head, no.

"Vous êtes à domicile." She pulled him on top of her. She kissed him as if she knew how to take care of the rest.


ellie said...

sounds like Ingrid could be a very bad influence.

Cait said...

Ingrid sounds bad.

cass and cady said...

She's kind of wicked.

anita, sebastian n randy said...

so true.