Friday, November 13, 2009

the thought

Randy thought it might be a dream when he first set eyes on Sebastian.

It had felt like a nightmare before. One he couldn't remember. He knew Anita wasn't here now. But she had been. And he'd blanked out. He hadn't remembered. He didn't want too.

And now Sebastian was cuddled next to him. He felt so warm next to him. As if this was what love should be. So hot, he was about to burst. Maybe.

Randy's breath smelled of poison, he thought. It scared Randy. Perhaps he was sick like Sebastian thought. Or maybe a hangover. Still a bit woozy as he responded to Sebastian's touch. He did need him. He was sure of it. As they kissed longer and Sebastian found exactly what he'd been yearning for. He was ready.

"Are you always going to be the girl in this?" Sebastian whispered in his ear.

"No." He promised, but it wouldn't be today. He put his face in the pillow. Sebastian's weight was heavier than he remembered.


Winnie said...

Well I do hope he made the right decision....

ellie said...

hmmm..that Sebastian. What's he gonna do with him?