Wednesday, November 4, 2009

so I'm told

How did she know it would happen this way? Really, it felt as if Franny had planned all of this. The moment she arrived in Rhy's hospital room. Just when the heart monitor flatlined and his eyes opened. But he wasn't dead. He was alive. Immediately his heart beat kicked in strong as if nothing bad had ever happened to him.

There was a huge sigh. It might have been her's or his. It was hard to say as she looked at him.

"Where have I been?" He looked so puzzled. Clearly, he took in the room as he looked around.

Thats when she told him about the accident. How the Taxi ran over him and he'd been in surgery for hours on end, then in a coma for weeks now.

"That's not possible." He shook his head. "I was with Beth."

"Beth?" Franny looked at him seriously.

"Yes, the love of my life. We were on a sunny beach. It was amazing. My best tan ever." Now he looked at his pale arms. "Send me back!" He demanded.

"You just came out of a coma." She hated to snap, but he closed his eyes shut tight as if automatically it would send him back to Beth. "Stop being a baby about this, Rhys!" She found herself shouting.

"Then you know me?" He was puzzled.

"Yes." She sat down in the chair next to his bed. The moment had passed where no on caught on with the flatline problem.

"I thought you looked familar." He was calm.

She was misty eyed. Over come with grief.

"I'm sorry, all the things I've kept from you." She blurted. She put two fingers over her lips trying to keep her mouth shut.

"You kept things from me, like what?" His stare was so serious.

"A child." She broke down in tears.

"Are you serious?" He winced. "I don't know you."

Franny shivered in sadness. She felt so cold and she looked at him through water eyes.

"I want Beth, you're not Beth. Where is she?" He squinted hard.

"She's dead." Franny sniffed tears. Wasn't this always her luck? She got up then and left the room.


ellie said...

that was so sad, but I'm glad Rhys is OK.

cass and cady said...

Great that Rhys is finally OK. Just wish he was happy to see Franny.

past the point said...

that's interesting what he said about Beth.