Wednesday, November 11, 2009

so glum

Really, Anita was quite satisfied with herself. Yet, she didn't know why she'd done it. Exactly. There must have been some reason why she had drugged Randy, had sex with him even if he did resist as long as he could, but she won, anyway.

It still delighted her that she'd seen the look on his face and somehow she'd wished it were true. She wanted everyone to suffer in this misery with her.

She walked alone now in the park, lost perhaps, really, she'd scared herself more than she ever thought she could. Why hadn't she found someone else instead of Randy? It just wouldn't have been right with a stranger. And maybe she wanted to hurt Sebastian as much as she wanted him.

Yes, she'd messed up. Perhaps no one could love her now. Perhaps, no one would.

Soon, Lucas would know her immorals. It would be over. He would be as good as gone. Wouldn't he? And she might be out on the street too? Whatever would she do?

Her cell rang then. It was Mia.

"My weekend is free, how's yours?"

"Terrible." She was so blue.

"Don't say that. Sounds like you need cheering up." She giggled.

"Can't." She whispered.

"Needy?" Mia questioned. "What happened to you?"

Anita hung up on her. Why did she have to call her Needy?


e.l. said...

Needy..Anita really gives it a whole new meaning.

elliestories said...

Needy..hmmmm..there might be more to this than we know.

Jem said...

thats really intresting... thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, totally made my day!

cass and cady said...

Hopefully, she's learned something from this.