Thursday, November 12, 2009

so blue

Sebastian looked at his face in the mirror. He'd changed. Like over, night, he thought. His eyes were blue now instead of brown. Had it happened in Paris? Or from before? Why didn't he know?

It was good to be home, and of course, to have Randy sleeping in his bed. He found it funny even if Randy was so sleepy.

"You missed me, that much." He had a laugh, Randy had hardly smiled about it. He was a little out of it. "Are you coming down with something, now?"

"Maybe." He looked sad too.

"You're here? You're suppose to be happy to see me." Sebastian winced. He wanted to forget France. This was his home now and this was where he wanted to be, with Randy.

Finally, they kissed and Sebastian didn't want to say it, but he was different too.

"Am I different?" Sebastian finally asked.

"No." Randy didn't want to think on it.

"Well, you are." Sebastian gave him a serious look. "You must be coming down with something."

Randy shivered so slightly then, trying to get ready to go home.

"No, I didn't tell you to go. I'll make us tea. We'll have tea in bed. All right." Sebastian kissed his forehead. Perhaps it was feverish. Randy looked so tired. So he went to make tea and scrounge for treats. When he got back, he found Randy slumbering. Sebastian could hardly stop smiling. He supposed the tea could wait. He undressed and got under the covers with him.


fan fic said...

I'm glad Sebastian was happy to see Randy.

e.l. said...

Lets hope Sebastian has decided who he really wants to be with.

billy and elliot said...

hope they'll be honest with each other.

cass and cady said...

Sebastian seems to have forgotten someone.