Wednesday, November 18, 2009


After they'd drank quite a few lagers, it felt as if it was just getting started, and the party wasn't even tonight.

"I think I know place we could go." Sebastian grinned. Of course, he'd been there with Anita but he wasn't going to bring that up. "You know, to get away from it all." He kept smiling at Randy, and soon enough, they headed for the old factory.

It was there, Sebastian took out his little stash of cigarettes he'd gotten away with that his cousin had made.

"Here, try one of these, my cousin loves to roll them." He laughed as he lit it and handed it to Randy. Naturally, Randy choked on the first try which gave Sebastian even more of a laugh.

"You saw Ingrid?" Randy looked at Sebastian who looked away.

"Yeah. Good old Ingrid." He tried not to think about it, but truth be told. She'd had her way in the end. It was just a blow job. He couldn't admit it, but she was good at that sort of thing. He smoked the weed a bit, hoping he'd forget. Really, he had, until now. He was quiet, hoping Randy would never know about that. The more he thought about it, he tried not to think it that terrible. Was it? Besides, they were high, he and his cousin.

God, it was his cousin. Suddenly his eyes, shot open.

"What is it?" Randy asked.

"Nothing." Sebastian licked his lips as he gave the cigarette to Randy.

"Do you miss her?" Randy looked him over.

"God, no." He tried to laugh with a wince. When Randy took the cigarette out of his mouth, Sebastian couldn't help but to French him as if to forget Ingrid completely. But he still saw her face. That wicked smile of hers. Sebastian broke away and looked at Randy so sad. There were tears in his eyes. He grabbed the cigarette from Randy then and pushed the lit ember into the palm of left hand. He gasped intensely. Randy took the burning cigarette out of Sebastian's hand.


ellie said...

that would have been weird.

cait said...

more bad boys. I think they need to fess up to all their badness.

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

thanks for the comment you left on my blog. you're a great writer! :)

♥ Hannah



fan fic said...

Now Sebastian has problems???