Monday, November 9, 2009

setting it in motion

Anita was doing her best to hide from Lucas. She could only take so much of his nonstop talking. Which he did a lot of. It was like listening to a wheel turn. It just kept turning. So she gave him the silent treatment, mostly. Hoping he'd get the hint. But evidently, that must have meant he wanted her more.

At the moment she was hiding out at the Black Cat, all by her lonesome. Of course, she wasn't taking Guy's calls, either. Really, she wasn't sure what he exactly wanted from her. For a girl who didn't have a date at school, she was being rather popular, and Anita wasn't sure she could handle it.

But then she found Randy playing pool, alone.

"Why are you looking so glum?" She put her hands behind her back and watched him shoot an eight ball in the hole.

"Why must I have to look happy all the time?" He looked up at her.

"Because you have nice smile." She smiled so genuine as if perhaps they could both do each other a favor. She picked up the ball he was about to shot.

"I'm a right nutter when my laugh is on." He reminded her. "You said so yourself."

"Did I?" She was a bit mean spirited now and again. Perhaps she always was. "I'll buy you a drink?"

"Only a juice for me," Randy shrugged.

"Honestly?" She knew he'd drink a lager for breakfast if he could. Growing lads like him needed their nourishment. She brought him back the house special. Got herself one too. "We should talk."
"Really?" Randy winced and he came over to the comforting quite corner she'd picked out. "So, are you all right, after-"

"Of course." She sat next to him. "Why shouldn't I be?"

"I dunno. I guess-" He looked her over then. "Really, its been a long time since I've seen you."

"You never even told me you fancied Sebastian." She was sullen.

"You knew." He winced. "That's not big news, is it?"


"Well? What?" He squinted hard drinking at the glass of lager then.

"I think he's over you." She sipped her glass then.

"No, he isn't."

"I don't care what he told you, but he's moved on." She looked away.

"With who?" Randy scowled.

"A lass."

"A lass?" Randy shook his head, no. "That's shit."

"That's no shit, I saw them, at a party, before he left, you know, when you weren't giving him the time of day. I'm not sure why, you know, whatever. He was really into it. But it could have been the drugs." She nodded.

"The drugs?" Randy was coming a bit unglued. He shook his head. "That's so not like him."

"Yeah, I was shocked too. Mia keeps bags of happy pills, everywhere."

"Did he shag her?" Randy asked.

"I dunno, for sure. Looked like it was going to happen. If it hasn't happened, already." Anita nodded.

"He's such a fuck'n liar." Randy squinted hard. His face tensed so. Anita grabbed his hand.

"Do you want to get back at him?" She looked him in the eye with a devious smile.

He just looked at her, so oddly. She held out her hand then and there was a tiny pill. "This'll help for starters." She assured him. "And then we'll go back to Sebastian's and have some fun."


ellie said...

She couldn't be that bad..could she?

elliestories said...

anita is definitely getting more daring!