Thursday, November 5, 2009

rotting away

Sebastian hated Louie's Paris apartment. To the outside it looked amazingly quaint. But really, the shower sucked. The hallways were so small. Everything so close. Anything could break and if Louie and his old lover squabbled, well dishes would break.

"Its just swell." He told Randy over his cell as he was out on the balcony wishing he was anywhere but here.

"Really? You miss it?"

"Hell no." Evidently, Randy had no idea when he was trying to be cynical. "It sucks here. Big time."

From the moment he laid eyes on Louie, Sebastian could hardly stand to look at him. It repulsed him to be touched by his own flash and blood.

"I might as well have gotten shit for my birthday. Just some crappy classics he thought I'd need for my library. Christ, doesn't he know I work in a library?" Sebastian went on to tell him.

"Sorry." Randy reminded him that he wished he was there.

"I would seriously shag you if you were here." Sebastian promised. "But I have to spend time with my wonderful cousin Ingrid." Sebastian suddenly stopped and wondered if this was the wrong time to bring up the shagging. "Are you there?" Had he lost contact with Randy or just emotionally. "I didn't mean to put you on the spot about the shagging."

"Lets not discuss this till, say after New Years." Randy finally sighed.

"Are you serious?" Sebastian winced. "Christ, what will I ever have to do in order to make it up to you? Let you have a go at me?" He didn't know if he could possibly wait so long for something that he'd just gotten the hang of.


ellie said...

hahaha..well, Sebastian just going to have wait if he really wants him.

Cait said...

I love Sebastian!