Friday, November 20, 2009

roses are red

She whispered something French in his ear. Cecil didn't really care what she'd said, just that it was sexy.. just the same.

He'd spent some time with her the previous night down in the basement of the Black Cat. She'd been such a laugh. Quite an amazing smile she had a body he couldn't get enough of. She was so intriguing. And the way she looked at him. Admired him. She'd wanted to examine his tattoos. She'd found them so fascinating. Unlike Franny who could barely look at him, lately.

It made him so angry. He thought he might hit Franny. Perhaps that's why he stayed away now. He didn't like this riff between them. He supposed it was all Rhys' doing. That's what it was really about. The tattoos were Franny's excuse about him.

Just the same, he couldn't bare to think he might lash out at her somehow. He'd handled it so well, until now. Newlyweds and on the brink of calling it quits, already. He could feel it happening. And then when he met this young lass who really made him feel quite special, he knew he had to let Franny go. Franny didn't belong to him. She never would. She'd used him. Hadn't she? Like any other lass. Or so it seemed.

This was different with Ingrid. She looked up to him. She made him feel he was the only one. He would always be the only one. He knew it in her touch. Especially in her kiss. The way her fingers played along the colors on his chest. She said she wanted a sleeve of roses around her right arm. He smiled when she spoke of it. It would beautiful. Even more so... if his name was on the nap of her neck.


e.l. said...

I can't believe Cecil would do this to Franny.

poupee girl said...

so bad.

elliestories said... could he?

Cait said...

I dunno about this ingrid.