Wednesday, November 25, 2009


"Nothing is the matter with me," Sebastian said.

"I don't believe you?" Randy cornered him after school. They were suppose to be on their way to the library but somehow got cut off in the cold under the bridge.

"Well, you've been covering up, something, yourself, I can tell." Sebastian looked him in the eye as if he'd just soon have a shoving match with him as a heart to heart talk.

"Do you want me to tell you what it is?" Randy stood his ground.


"Will you tell me what happened in Paris, then?" Randy stared back at Sebastian as if it were now or nothing. "We have to be honest with each other, you get that, don't you?"

"Yes." Sebastian winced as if he was more angry with himself than anything else.

"All right." Randy pressed his lips together. "I've sort of fucked things up. Maybe."

"Yeah, well, I-I" Sebastian started.

"No, you don't get it. I don't think you do. Look, I know it was a mistake, I'll never ever do it again. But I learned something." Randy tensed. "Oliver's my brother. And I was feeling so badly about it....I took something. Anita gave it to me...and..and I might have been with Anita in your room."

"What?" Sebastian gasped. "Shit! Are you serious!" He pushed at Randy, but not very hard.

"I don't remember anything. I don't. I don't want too. I don't know what's happened to her. I thought I knew her. Just understand. I'd never do it again. I want nothing to do with her."

"All right." Sebastian nodded, closing his eyes. "I hate her, Randy. Honestly, she's a world class slapper, isn't she?"

"Perhaps, and a druggie, too." Randy's nose watered. He thought he might cry.

"I can't lose you. I can't. We can't let her come between us. We can't." Sebastian hugged him tight then.

"Please tell me, you aren't going to start hurting yourself like Anita." Randy looked at Sebastian wanting the truth.

Sebastian shook his head.

"Its Ingrid. My cousin, she's sort of like Anita, except she's French." Sebastian told Randy. "We kind of did something." He backed away then. "We were high. I thought that would be it. She came on to me. I told her, I didn't want to. But...well, she sucked me off." He winced.

"Just a blow job, then?" Randy sounded so calm about it. Even so, he did his best to be on Sebastian's side. Not wanting it to get to him.

Sebastian looked at him so innocently then. Randy hugged him back even if he couldn't get the image out of his head.


Cait said...


OK..not need to say more about what Randy was just uh...hahhaaa.. I can't help myself.

a jacob black tale said...

Its good they confided.

e.l. said...

I'm glad they made up.

Meg said...

It's good that they've told each other the truth.