Tuesday, November 17, 2009

no turning back

"Honestly, I'm glad you changed your mind about things." Sebastian told Randy on their way to the library after school. He felt closer than ever with Randy, and he hoped it would stay that way. No worry about who might fancy him or even the thought of Anita thinking she could worm her way between them. She couldn't.

He didn't want to think what he might do if she did decide to tell Randy about them. He tried not to think about it. And yet he thought he could manage through it. That was then. This was now. She was not going to mess this up. He'd learned a thing or two. He guessed. He hoped. As it was, he hardly saw her at all. And it didn't even bother him.

Sebastian held Randy's hand then as if he weren't afraid what anyone might say about them. Seriously, it was the little things like this that were so important to him. And it was satisfying to feel this sense of unity. It gave Sebastian a sense of confidence that he'd missed somehow.

"So how did it turn out with Oliver?" Sebastian thought Randy was being awful quiet on their walk to work.

"Oliver?" He seemed quite oblivious to him. "His father's a footballer, you know."

"A richie, is he?" Sebastian guessed it didn't matter.

"Yeah, something like that. I got invited to a party." Randy shrugged.

"And you didn't go?"

"It hasn't happened yet." Randy looked at him.

"Then we'll go." Sebastian smiled.

"We don't have to." Randy shook his head.

"What is it?" Sebastian winced. They were almost to the library. It would be time for them to stop talking soon. "You are well, aren't you?"


"Then we'll meet up at the Black Cat, a drink then, aye?" Sebastian tried to read Randy's face. He didn't seem at all what Sebastian was expecting today. Just sad. What on earth did he have to be sad about?


ellie said...

thanks for the note. hoefully, Sebastian's on the right path.

cait said...

oh boy, well..I'm sure they should confide in each other..

elliestories said...

You have to have some problem going..you know.

Meg said...

I hope Sebastian finds out what's wrong.