Friday, November 27, 2009

a knock on the door

The flat was so cold and dark. Franny had to wonder what she was doing here. Again, Cecil had not come home.

What had happened to their happy life? Suddenly, things had changed. She was sure it was her own damn fault. Things had to change. She knew it. Yet she felt so lost somehow.

It wasn't easy with Rhys, either. He didn't want a thing to do with her, nor the baby. He'd been released from the hospital and was at his parents now. She'd decided to let him go. It made her quite sad to see him. He was so lost. And there was only Beth, he could speak of. It was almost enough to drive her quite mad. Yet, it would be pointless. It was best to move quietly through the flat. Feed the children. Read books to them, and be happy. Happy that Byron reminded her so much of her brother. The brother she missed, constantly.

If only she could have him back, but he was just a ghost in her mind now. Why was it, she couldn't be happy? She felt as if she were so good at ruining everything. Perhaps she should pack up and move back to France. It might give her some peace of mind. Well, it was good to think about it. She couldn't stay in Cecil's place. She didn't belong here.

It was after she put the little ones to bed that a knock came to her door. She wasn't so sure to answer or not, but he looked rather innocent when she looked through the peep hole.

"Are you selling something?" She asked.

"No, may I come in." It was Randy.

"What for?"

"I don't know who to talk to this, about." He shrugged.

"About what?" She let him in and she served him what was left of the hot French coffee she had left.

"Um, I've been following someone." He sat down and she poured cream into the coffee. "I guess your husband."

"Why on earth for?"

"Actually, it wasn't exactly like that. It was someone else, my-my friend's cousin." Randy told her.

"A cousin?" She smiled.

"Yes, Sebastian's cousin, Ingrid." Randy told her.

"Ingrid." So now she had a name.

"Your husband spends quite a lot of time with her." Randy winced.

"I gather. He isn't here, now is he?" She was sullen.


"Then why-"

"Look, I'm not sure why I'm here. Perhaps to see what he left. Why would he leave you?" Randy looked at her. "You can't be a horrible person. You're a nurse, for God's sakes. You help people."

"Well, we can't be perfect." Franny shrugged.

"He certainly isn't." Randy sipped his coffee.

"Were you wanting Ingrid for yourself?" She then asked.

"God, no." He sighed. "Really, it was something to take my mind off other things, you know, like my father, my brother. I don't want to hate them. Honestly, I don't. But, really, I mean nothing to them. I never will."

"Why is that?" Franny was concerned.

"Footballers." He said with disgust. "My brother's my Dad's spit'n image. He's like a legacy or something."

"Well, footballers are rather self absorbed. Perhaps its for the best." She told him about her own son, Nico, and how she'd prefer not to be in that limelight with his father.

"My mother has said nothing of them. Actually, she's not even my mother and she won't even admit that. My aunt is actually me mum.. She's rather into footballers. Perhaps, I was her biggest mistake." He confided.

"Try not to look at it so dismal." Franny hugged herself wishing neither of them were so disgusted with themselves.

"But here you are with two kiddies and a wanker who's avoiding you like the plague." Randy reminded her.

"Wish you wouldn't have said that." She swelled in tears.

"Sorry." Randy got up then as if he'd make a swift exit of some kind, but instead he kissed her.


Ailee Verzosa said...

hello there, its been a while... hehehe after a long silence in the blog world, here i am again.....
i've got some catching up to do... hehehe please check out my new post later...


e.l. said...

I loved this one so much.

elliestories said...

That really was unexpected ..especially, from Randy.

Winnie said...

Aww, Randy!!

Jared said...

Wow, quite peculiar. Hm, is there a past relationship between them? thanks for the update on your comment too. Quite a bit of new info there.