Monday, November 2, 2009

it could be something

"There's something different about Cecil." Franny told Katy when she was over with Byron.

"Different?" Katy just laughed. "He was always the sort who was the loner, you know. I didn't know him in school. But I think on occasion, he was, you know, always a little different."

"Well, now its like he's in the running with Ollie Skyes, just to see who can have the most tattoos, evidently. He has them on his face now." Franny winced. "Its like they appeared out of no where. You would have thought I would have known what he was planning to do, wouldn't you?" She could hardly sip her tea. "I dunno if I can even stand to look at him anymore."

"Granted, he should have told you what he was up too, but I'm sure you'll grow to love them. It can't be that bad." Katy assured her.

"When's your Maxxie ever came home with blemish. He's so baby faced, I doubt he could grow a beard." Franny ranted.

"He could grow a beard. Maxxie could have a beard if he wanted." Katy winced. "Why are we dragging Maxxie into this?"

"Because, you don't understand. You couldn't." She looked as if she'd possibly married herself off to a caveman of some kind.

"Cupcake?" Katy supposed she was no help at all but she did have refreshments.



Cupcake is always a good idea ;)

Many kisses :)))

e.l. said...

that's funny what Franny said about Maxxie..not being able to grow a beard.

cass and cady said...

Hope Franny can keep managing to be with Cecil. Its just tattoos.

Anonymous said...

franny is nuts!! lol