Monday, November 30, 2009

into the night

Randy never came.

It annoyed Sebastian to say the least. He'd found a bit to salvage with Soren out in the cold by the pool with a bit of weed to keep them warm as the crowd just got louder in the house.

"So what are you thinking?" Soren grinned sharing the homemade cigarette.

"The pleasure of killing myself." Sebastian said, a bit maddening.

"Seriously?" Soren laughed.

Sebastian laughed too. It was a good laugh.

"Shit no," Sebastian thought he might bust a gut with laughter.

"Tell me, is there someone you fancy?" Soren wanted to know.

"Does it make a difference?" Sebastian shrugged. "I've already had him." His right eye twitched slightly.

"What's that?" Soren picked up on his twitch and touched his temple ever so slightly as he leaned in.

Sebastian just glared at him.

"You're so serious." Soren winced. He kissed Sebastian slowly then. He laughed so quietly in Sebastian's ear as he wrapped himself behind Sebastian and drew him in, smoking on the cigarette as if he could make love to it just as much as he could to Sebastian if he desired.

A shiver jolted Sebastian as Soren wrapped his hands around his waist and rested his chin on Sebastian's shoulder. He lifted the cigarette up and put it in Sebastian's mouth. His laugh shook Sebastian a bit as he exhaled.

"What is it, you really want from me?" Sebastian was still serious.

"Well, a glorious butt fuck would do." He breathed in Sebastian's ear.

"I have a boyfriend." Sebastian said with as much strength as he could.

"Well, your lover, obviously isn't here, now is he?" Soren was a bit snide as he pressed his fingers onward, down Sebastian's jeans. Sebastian shook his head, no, but he let Soren touch his hard penis, anyway. "I think you like me?" He could sense Soren's smile on his ear.

Sebastian pressed his lips together as he watched the joint go up in smoke. He grabbed the cigarette from Soren and took a good long draw from it.

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ellie said...

That Soren really knows how to come on strong..huh?