Thursday, November 26, 2009

I want candy

Anita had decided Guy understood her. They knew what they needed from each other. Perhaps this was all she needed. She could handle it. Honestly.

"He adores you, you know." Mia assured him. It was all laughs now. Lucas had gone back to the uni. It felt so safe now. She wouldn't have to worry where things were going with Lucas. She didn't really want him. Her parents could pay her a hefty sum of money, and she still wouldn't want anything to do with boring Lucas.

Mia was finally back at school. It was cool, hanging out. Mia always had a lollipop handy to give Anita. It was fun that she'd somehow put the drug in the lollipop. They could be high all day if they liked at school. Oh, so giggly and such a trip. Naturally, Mia was so good at being so normal. Anita took her cue being as aloof as possible.

And of course there was Theresa who Anita ignored completely. Anita was arm and arm with Mia now.

"You two are so disgusting," Theresa pointed out at lunch.

"Are we?" Mia giggled.

"They're lesbos, you know." Theresa pointed out.

"Now if that's not a laugh." Anita laughed back as if Theresa was yesterday's news.

"I beg to differ." Oliver came to their defense. "Mia's with me, you know."

Mia smiled as she licked her lollipop as if it could be something sexual in her mouth. He put his arm around her.

Anita just smiled and decided she'd do the same thing Mia was doing with her lollipop.

Theresa just looked at them in disgust and walked away.

"She's not coming to the party is she?" Anita looked at Oliver.

"Well, of course, we have to taunt someone, don't we?" He grinned then and took a lick on Mia's lollipop.


e.l. said...

I have to wonder if Mia or Guy is really that good of an influence on Anita.

elliestories said...

Sounds like a rowdy crowd.

Jared said...

Haha, yes very rowdy ^. Anyways interesting post on here too. I actually did take your advice on going back to the others. I had a 12 page part written, but something went wrong and it's gone now. So I decided just to move on. Then that's another thing too, a reason for not posting, I was stuck.

Mich 'ELLE. said...

those pictures on the right here are all really nice. &goodlooking hehehe! :)

XX Michelle