Tuesday, November 24, 2009

hobo humpin slobo babe

Seeking candy, who sleeps around
Afraid of telling, tiny sounds
Left for dead, left for good (seeking candy)
Left for dead, not understood (back for more)

Cecil felt it was just a matter of time before Franny figured out what had happened. Really, he felt so calloused about it. He didn't even know why. It was as if something came over him when he was with Ingrid. When he felt her touch and couldn't wait to find out what she might possibly want from him.

Honestly, he hadn't felt that way since his first crush. Of course, she'd crushed him then by being with the likes of Craig Dean. It was different now. He felt like a teen idol of some kind. And the lass knew how to do things to make him need her more. She wasn't overworked and underpaid like Franny who came home everyday to cook and clean, take care of the little ones. It just wasn't what he'd hoped for. How had it slipped away so soon?

He'd seen Sasha take one look at him when she notice him at the boarding house. Oh, she was loyal to Franny. Probably on the phone right now, discussing what a wanker he was. Cecil just smiled, he didn't even care.

"Are you just happy to see me?" Ingrid asked now as she drew him into her room on her bed. Well, of course he was, and she'd see soon enough just how happy he was to see her. He was ready and waiting for her next move.

He wanted to shag. A real shag. It didn't have to be proper in the least. Just something to take him away from all his troubles. Now.


ellie said...

I remember that song..hhahaa..

wooo..Cecil is really being bad.

a jacob black tale said...

cecil is a bad boy.

Winnie said...

This isn't going to turn out so well!

blue hearts said...

I love the song. Not sure I love what Cecil is doing.

cait said...

Hopefully, Franny can fix it or someone much better is out there for her.