Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a grim reminder

Anita had gotten Sebastian's text that he'd made it to Paris and it was shit. The whole thing. He could hardly wait to get back to Hollyoaks. She couldn't help but smile.

"And who's that?" Lucas was being nosey. She supposed she shouldn't have looked at the message while they were out to dinner.

"Sorry, no one really." She put her cell away.

"Come on?" He smiled and his teeth were spectacular, but then again, his father was an orthodantist and that was the field Lucas planned on going in to.

"Just a school mate, you know, its nothing." She shrugged.

"We have better things to share, now don't we? Tell me, what are your plans for the future." Lucas wanted to know.

Anita didn't know what to tell him. Being put on the spot. She felt as if she was having to give him an essay for college.

"Um, I haven't quite decided." She flinched.

"Haven't quite decided? What kind of answer is that?" He looked at her seriously.

"I haven't." She groaned. Really, she hated any of his questions. She was not pure. She was not worthy. And she really didn't want to be.


cass and cady said...

I wonder what she's up too.

Meg said...

I don't like it when people ask about your plans for the future, like they are expecting something spectacular.

dapper kid said...

I never like when people ask me what I want to 'be' in the future, I always just say that I would like to be happy. Haha and never trust a dentist with bad teeth.

Cait said...

Oh, Anita. You just need to get with Sebastain and be done with it. Forget Lucas.

e.l. said...

I hope she'll figure out what to do.

Jules said...

he's planning something again...i knew it :D

i'm more of a silent reader now =D