Saturday, November 7, 2009

the good and the bad

There was more at stake here than Sasha even imagined. She knew what she saw when she passed by the sunlit library just off the livingroom in Louie's apartment. She could hear Jamie cross with someone. It was Louie.

Naturally, she had the baby to tend to. Risa was latched on to her right breast. Sasha squinted hard thinking possibly Risa was just using her for a pacifier these days or for teething. But she wanted to know what was going on so she peaked around the corner. And she saw them. And she knew then it was a squabble, a lot like what lovers do. And then they kissed.

"How could you have not told me?" She lashed into Jamie once she got him to herself that night in the guest bedroom. "You were with Louie!"

"It was kiss," he winced. "Don't make it out more than it was, all right."

"Then what was it? When did you love him?" She wanted to know.

"I shouldn't have come." He remained even lipped. "I wish Randy would have showed up with Sebastian. Louie would have seduced him. It would just be a bit of history now." He faked a smile.

"Shut it! I want the truth. You know him very well, who is he to you, Jamie?" She glared at him and gave Risa her breast before the baby could wail about it.

"An old friend that I never quite got along with after he fucked me, Mum." He spit out as if that was more information than he ever wished to divulge.

"So he's Sebastian's father?" Sasha asked.

"Yes." He looked her in the eye this time and immediately she had no thought of Sebastian nor Louie in her head.

"Could we shop for boots." She suddenly blurted as if it were a breath of fresh air. "I want some boots. Thigh high boots."

"Well, of course," he grinned as if it were Christmas. "Anything you like, luv. Anything for you."

He kissed her then and everything was positively wonderful. She couldn't wait for Risa to sleep. She needed Jamie, and she needed him now like a good wife would.


e.l. said...

Jamie just has a way of turning her off..doesn't he?

past the point said...

I hope Sasha figures out a way to see what Jamie is doing.