Saturday, November 21, 2009

the evil of it

"Why didn't you tell me she was moving in!" Sebastian's eyes lit.

Ingrid was here and no one had bothered to tell him. This could mean trouble. He didn't want his cousin here.

"Relax." Jamie grabbed his shoulders. "She is family, you know, we have to welcome to her."

"Why?" Sebastian winced. "She's trouble, you know." He frowned, thinking of how she liked to get to him when she felt like it. "She sees old men." He gritted.

Jamie laughed at him.

"She wants to go to the uni." His father was so certain of it, as if he shouldn't worry about her. "I doubt she comes to you. She has bigger things on her mind."

Sebastian winced. What the hell was that suppose to mean? Did he know what she was like? What she was capable of? He glared intently at Jamie, wondering if this was all his doing.

"What's in it for you?" Sebastian swelled a frown as if he was ready to push Jamie with all his might.

"What?" Jamie grinned. "Nothing of course, absolutely, nothing." Jamie bit a smile then. Sebastian just looked at him that maybe if he kept his mouth shut and learned from this man who kept saying he was his son, he might possible learn his evil ways.


Cait said...

what could this mean...i don't want sebastian to be evil.

e.l. said...

Sebastian..he's just something..that makes me smile.