Sunday, November 29, 2009

doing it

Jesus! What the fuck had he done?

Randy still couldn't believe a woman could arouse him so. Honestly, he didn't think it had a thing to do with her tits or her curves. But something else entirely. The emotion that just got caught up in the motion of things.

He wouldn't say it was out of pity that he wanted to know her. True, they were strangers on one level and yet so easily it had happened. Maybe out of sadness. Like a healing of some sort. The kissing was so ravenous. For starters.

He'd started it and it just got a little sticky. He'd wanted her. He did. She smelled delightful. Like a warm dinner on a cold winter's night. Good comfort food to be, exact. Truly, he didn't want to wake from this. Perhaps it felt like a lesson in love as she kissed his chest and unwound him just to wind him up again. And he'd been awake. Not frightened in the least. She made him feel capable and new. Her hands, so generous and kind.

Now he could barely shake the thought that she was just a single mum. It didn't feel that way to him. Especially, when he was elated about being in her company.

"When can we do it, again?" He smiled, feeling the weight of her caressing his chest. She looked up and smiled at him. He guessed right now would be as good as anytime.


Cait said...

what a discovery for Randy! I'm in shock, but I like it.

e.l. said... unexpected..and yet I think she might be the one to change his life.

gossip girl gone vamps said...

I love it!

cass and cady said...

wow, who would have thunk it!

blue hearts said...

Randy is changing. For sure.