Sunday, November 1, 2009

can't hardly wait

Jamie never thought of himself as a god. In fact, just the thought made him feel more power, some how. And now, he'd decided what had to be done. He'd show Louie that Sebastian meant nothing to him. It was in his vision that what ever Louie could possibly say to Sebastian would only make things worse between them. Sebastian would never want to come back to Paris, again.

Wouldn't that be lovely, he thought. And then it would be all done what he'd set out to do and he'd let things rest. He had Sasha and the baby, Sebastian too. What a great family it would be. He'd really always wanted one. He had. And it felt so good to finally be surrounded by those who loved him. And they would love him. They would. No bad karma lost to find him. Right?

There was that Rhys matter. He didn't have time to stress about it. There was Franny. Rhys had Franny. There was their child, too. Well, that would have to do. Possibly, Cecil could just wonder off with someone in that business of his and get decorated with more tattoos. Now he felt a laugh coming on. He hated to admit it, but it was fun, messing with people's lives.

"What's so funny?" Sasha woke him from his daydream as they were landing in Paris.

"Something, I remembered from the tele." Jamie straightened himself out.

"Care to share?" She looked at him as she held on to Risa who was slumbering in her arms.

"Not really, actually, it wasn't that funny the more I think on it now." He assured her as they got ready to leave the plane. But Jamie could hardly keep it in. He couldn't wait for the fallout between Louie and Sebastian.


e.l. said...

he's so evil, but i don't even think he knows it.

Meg said...

I feel bad for Sebastian. I would want someone messing with my life!

simon n josh said...

Jamie, he feels its just JUSSSSSTE Deserts or something.

Winnie said...

Jamie is so evil!