Tuesday, October 6, 2009

when was that???

Sebastian couldn't exactly put his finger on it, but something was very wrong at home even if it didn't look that way.

"Is something wrong?" Randy had taken Sebastian out for a drink after work at the Black Cat.

"Might be," Sebastian looked worried. "Hard to say, actually."

"Is your father making a big deal about our plans to Paris?" Randy stared at Sebastian.

"No, he's actually quite all right about it," Sebastian said. "Ever since Sasha came home from the hospital he's been really sweet. You'd think they were married."

"They are married." Randy told him.

"When did that happen?" It didn't seem quite real to Sebastian. Wasn't Sasha somone else's wife.

"I dunno. But I'm pretty sure they are married. I can't think of her with anyone else." Randy sipped his lager then.

"Really?" Sebastian winced. "No one?"

"Not that I really know her, you know. But she was going to have his baby so it seemed reasonable." Randy shrugged with a smile.

"Where was I? During all this?"

"Snogging me!" Randy laughed. "I dunno. Possibly happened before your arrival. You know."

"Oh." Sebastian nodded. He supposed thats how it was, but he swore there was a void of some kind of his memory when it came to thoughts of his Dad with Sasha.


ellie said...

Everyone isn't quite sure about Sasha and Jamie..even Sebastian has his thoughts..hope someone figures it out.

colin gray said...

very interesting conversation about Sash & Jamie..as if they always were..hmmmm.

cass and cady said...

Hope Sebastian wises up.

Cait said...

Everyone is questioning it..but everyone seems to be buying it too.