Friday, October 30, 2009


Sasha was certain of it. She was an idiot. She couldn't seem to even remember her last name these days.

"I don't even remember the day Risa was born." She was oblivious as she looked blankly into Jamie's eyes. "Do you?"

"Absolutely!" Jamie just smiled and kissed her forehead while he packed suit cases for their trip to Paris.

"How come, I can't?" She hugged herself while she watched.

"You will." He squeezed her shoulder a bit. "It'll come back to you as if it never left you. Just give it time. Now get ready we have to be at the airport shortly."

"Why do I have to go?" She squinted.

"Just a chance to show off you and the baby," Jamie sighed. "You'll love Paris."

"I will?" She felt stupid though. She'd have to keep her mouth shut.

"Think of it as a family occasion. We need to be there for Sebastian's birthday." Jamie smiled.

"Birthday? Did we get presents?" She winced. "How hold is he?"


"16? I thought it was 15?" Sasha squinted more.

"What's the difference?" Jamie smiled with a shrug.

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ellie said...

Hopefully, Sasha will figure Jamie out.