Friday, October 9, 2009

too much too soon

Oliver was getting on Randy's nerves. Why now, did Oliver want him to join the team?

"Because you're a natural, that's why." Oliver just smiled at him that it might have been more than that, but that was his answer while at the soccer field where Randy had been messing around with his mates, kicking the soccer ball about.

Randy wasn't sure what that meant. Did he just mean football or something else?

"I don't like the dude." He told Sebastian later at the library. "Its as if he's expecting something, you know." He might have been captain of the team and hot stuff at the school, but that didn't mean much to Randy.

"You're not going to fight him, are you?" Sebastian asked, "Because if you do, you'd win."

"I'm not going to fight him," Randy winced. "I just don't know why he wants to know me so suddenly."

"So you're saying he might have a crush on you?" Sebastian suggested as if they should get this in the open.

"He hasn't came on to me, alright." Still it was something to think about as he unloaded books on a cart. Finally, he looked at Sebastian and said, "It doesn't matter. Really? Its just, does he know my Dad's a footballer. Is that what this is about? How would he even know, I'm not even suppose to know." Randy was putting books away.

"But yet you do. Maybe you should ask about your father. Tell your mum, you want to meet him." Sebastian nodded.

"I can't. I never asked. I'm not suppose to." Randy remained even lipped.

"Its not going to go away." Sebastian looked at him point blank. "Oliver, or the fact you have a father who probably would like to know of you."

Randy just looked at him. Really, he felt OK about avoiding both.


dylan said...

wonder what Oliver is about? You know..does he like Randy or something else.

cass and cady said...

Randy should see his Dad. Don't know about Oliver or not.

fan fic said...

I hope Oliver won't be bad news for Sebastian & Randy's relationship.

elliestories said...

oliver is so cute.