Wednesday, October 21, 2009

times up

"But, really, I like it here." Anita finally confessed with her counselor. "I don't really want to go home." There was the scary thought that she might be under Guy's thumb. There was such an uncertainity about it.

Yes, he was Mia's brother. But somehow, he seemed unlike any other brother she'd ever met. He was fasinating and really so different. Perhaps they'd been intimate. It was still a bit of a blur to her.

What had happened to her fantasies of Thereasa? Were they completely gone? She didn't really care about her anymore. But there they were releasing her. Saying she was all better. What did they really know about her?

A part of Anita felt lost more than before. Maybe it was spending time with Mia. Of course, Mia thought she'd been a good friend in her own way. She still needed help with her eating disorder. It was as if Mia knew what to do, in order to stay. It was just, Anita didn't feel like cutting herself anymore. She didn't know why it was gone. She couldn't say it was the pills or anything else. It was just accepting the fact that no one was worth pining over so much.

Yet, now she felt afraid. But her parents were here to take her home and they'd brought someone along. Luca.

Anita wasn't sure why they'd brought him. Was this really the place you wanted your daughter to be introduced to the guy that her parents had arranged for her to marry.

"I thought you said I'd never have to meet him?" She wouldn't look at her father while she spoke.

"Well, things change. You can't go back to the way you were. You need discipline. And this is your future." Her father informed her.

Anita cringed at the thought of having to have people make decisions for her. Especially, something like this. It just wasn't fair.

She resented Luca, immediately. No way, would she give him a chance. But here she was like some sort of offering. And she hadn't a clue what to even say to him.


cass and cady said...

He's cute. Too bad she doesn't like him.


For sure :)))

Many kisses and thanks for your visit!

ellie said...

That would definitely be a surprise.