Thursday, October 8, 2009

there and back

Maxie had found Katy thanks to her cousin Benji. He was so ecstatic. A part of him thought the Honeymoon might actually be a redo. He was so happy to have her in his arms.

"No, I most definitely want to go home. Now." She looked at him. "I never want to see Spain again. "

"Of course," Maxie smiled. At least they had a room for the night. "We'll catch the next train back tomorrow."

"Good, and you won't mind if Benji comes back with us?"

"I won't mind." Maxie shrugged. "But what is it, he exactly does for a living?"

"Photography." She told him. "He got loads for a bug he took a picture of. Its in all the text books in the schools. It was a rare bug. He came to Spain to take a picture of a rare toad."

"Well, did he find it?" Maxie wondered.

"I guess." Katy shrugged. "Says he found what he was looking for."

"And you, you're sure you're all right?" He talked of then, when he first knew she was missing and his bout with the police.

"It makes me want to go home even more." She was almost in tears, but he kissed them away.

"Precisely." Maxie just smiled at her.

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