Monday, October 19, 2009

senses working overtime

Hey hey, night fights day,
there's food for the thinkers
and the innocents can all live slowly all live slowly.
My my, the sky will cry
jewels for the thirsty
and the guilty ones can all die slowly all die slowly.
And all the world is biscuit shaped
its just for me to feed my face
and i can see hear smell touch taste
and i've got one two three four five
senses working overtime
trying to take this all in
i've got one two three four five senses
working overtime tryin to taste
the difference between the lemons and limes,
pain and pleasure and the church bells softly chime...


"Are you all right, then?" Jamie looked at Sebastian. There was something quite peculiar about him, but he couldn't explain it. Something intense yet tired about him.

"Yeah." He shrugged. Didn't even ask for a snack. Straight away to bed.

"You must be coming down with something." Jamie decided. That was it. A bug was going around. Still. All those germs at school.

"No, I'm fine." Sebastian winced as if whatever it was...was none of his business.

"Just talk to me." Jamie looked at him point blank. "I want to know."

"There is nothing to know." Sebastian grumbled slightly, grabbed an apple but he didn't eat it as he went on his way.

"Everything smooth with Randy? Your trip settled now?" Jamie kept at the questions.

Sebastian glared back at Jamie as if he should just shut up. He took a ravinous bite out of the apple then. Jamie supposed that meant he was fine. Everything was so swell.


e.l. said...

I love that song..I hope Jamie and Sebastian can talk.

Anonymous said...

he took a ravinous bite out of his apple, haha