Saturday, October 10, 2009

oh its so

Katy was glad to be back at the boarding house. It was so different. She supposed. Jamie had his apartment now and Sasha and the baby were with him. It seemed odd. Although, she wasn't sure why.

"You made it so lovely, up here." She guessed that was it. And the fact that it was barely a blur that she'd ever really known Jamie very well at all. It was a haze of sorts, but she guessed it had to do with getting back to things being normal. Wasn't that it?

Naturally, Maxie wanted her to get a check up right away. And everything was great. Just great. Of course, there was that thought in her head about what she'd done to her brother. The thing was, most in the village thought he was dead already and well, he was now. Really, probably shark bait, at that. Or so Benji said.

But it felt like an ocean in her head at the moment. Memories coming in and out. It couldn't be so that Sasha's husband was Jamie.

"But it is?" Maxie just said it. "Always has been. Who did you think it was?"

"Dunno, but not him. Not Jamie." She just grinned as if she was on good dope just thinking about him.

"Well, you better believe it," Maxie just laughed as if he might be a wee bit high too. "Its true."

"Naturally." They were all grins just with the thought what a lovely little family Jamie and Sasha made with Risa.

Yes, everything was quite normal at the boarding house. Amazingly, so.


fan fic said...

Jamie is creating quite a spell here..for sure.

elliestories said...

woooo..I'm kind of glad Katy doesn't remember Jamie having his way with her...but how will Jamie really resist Maxie. I think he honestly has it bad for him.