Friday, October 23, 2009

not so plain and simple

Frannie didn't like it. She never got a hold of Sasha anymore. Always busy with that hubby of hers, Jamie.

"Its just sickening, if you ask me." Frannie set supper out before her husband. It was pork chops. His favorite.

She was a little tired. But that was to be expected.

"Sasha and Jamie?" He smirked. "But they are just lovebirds, now aren't they?"

"That sort of thing goes a long way."

"You make it sound like its nonstop fucking, luv?" Cecil dived into the meal like a hungry footballer.

"Pretty much." Frannie sighed hugging herself. "I doubt she's worried about us or anyone else. Christ, her whole life is that wanker, Jamie."

"Is he really? A Wanker?" He looked up at her. "Come on, eat something." After all she was breastfeeding Byron.

"I've heard talk. Got some lesbian pregnant in a three-way." Frannie finally started in on the stuffing and a bit of meat.

"Thats not something you hear about everyday." Cecil chuckled as he drank at his wine.

"Thankfully, not. Most of us are ordinary folk." She sipped her milk.

"There is nothing ordinary about you, Frannie." Cecil assured her. "You are beautiful and a dream of a nurse. All rolled into one. And a right amaz'n lover."

"You're too much." She held in a laugh with her pursed lip.

"Now, its not like you're not gett'n any lass, now is it?" He smiled.

Frannie smiled at him simply. Honestly, he was quite beautiful up close. He did satisfy her needs, daily. It was just. No way could she make over him quite the way Sasha did with Jamie.

What she and Cecil had was no need to advertize it. It was something she wanted to keep to herself.


past the point said...

They are sweet. I hope nothing will tear them apart.

e.l. said...

hahaha..oh, that tale about getting the lesbian pregnant...priceless.