Sunday, October 18, 2009

not a problem

Sebastian hoped it didn't show how worried he was over this Oliver thing with Randy. But what if Oliver really did want Randy? Then what?

Sebastian did his best not to think about how it might be. But he did. It was in his thoughts when he kissed Randy. It seemed he could only satisfy Randy so much. And yet the more he was with Randy, the more he wanted to show him he was ready.

"Ready for what?" Randy wasn't amused with what Sebastian had in mind. They'd done what they did best. It was the kissing. It was all in the kiss. The touch. Randy looked at him as if he was being a little pushy now.

They always had Randy's place to themselves after school. At least an hour before reporting to the library.

"We could do it." Sebastian squinted.

"But what if I'm not ready." Randy shrugged.

"Not ready?" How could that be? "But you are. Really you are." Sebastian knew a few things about this and his nature. Obviously, they were into each other. The heavy kissing. The touching. What was keeping Randy from the next phase?

"You're- You are younger than me." Randy hesitated.

"And that's all it is?" Sebastian bit his bottom lip. "Well, I'm not a baby."

"I don't want to fuss with you about this. I like being your boyfriend. Isn't it enough?" Randy winced.

"Is it?" Sebastian studied Randy's face. He couldn't overlook the beauty of his body. He could see what Oliver saw. Oliver wanted him. But then Oliver wasn't here and wasn't this close to Randy, either. He could be. Sebastian didn't want to chance it. Maybe he was selfish that way, but he wanted to be first.

Sebastian decided not to ask another question. He'd just show him. Slowly. He kissed Randy. Closing in. This would have nothing to do with sucking him off. Serious just the same. Sebastian was set on keeping Randy. Just maybe Sebastian wasn't the girl in this, after all.

He knew what they said at school about them. Playfully shoving Randy around. Oh, you might as well be going out with a girl... Of course, Randy didn't exactly defend him. Sebastian made lite of it just the same. It was as if everyone had decided who was who in their relationship. It just irritated Sebastian. Well, not anymore.

Sebastian smiled. He liked being on top.


ivy's closet said...

wow..I had no idea he was like this.

cass and cady said...

very interesting how this came about. i dunno. very interesting.

e.l. said...

wow..I hope Randy was OK with that...I guess so.

Anonymous said...

funny end part.

Annie said...

thanks for the comment on my blog!

love annie <3