Saturday, October 3, 2009

new and improved

"What's this?" No one had told Sebastian there would be such a formal dinner in their own little apartment.

"A celebration." Jamie told him. It was just him, Sasha and the baby in the crib nearby. "And our prayers for Katy and Maxie that they make it back to us unharmed."

"Are you a preacher now?" Sebastian winced.

"No." Jamie looked at him out of the corner of his eye as he grabbed his hand.

Sasha just giggled. It was irresistible. Sebastian couldn't stop, either.

"Really, you two, we must be serious." More giggling. "A silent prayer then." Everyone kept their eyes closed. Finally there was a silence. Sebastian sighed when he sat down and looked at the both of them. It was so odd.

Naturally, the beef burgundy was out of this world and the red wine was divine. It went straight to Sebastian's head as he watched both of them and dipped chunks of French bread in the broth and ate heartily.

"Could I take Randy to Paris?" Sebastian asked when everyone was done.

"Does this mean you're moving back?" Jamie looked at him.

"Of course, not. I want them to meet him." Sebastian told him.

"What are we, then? Beggars?" Jamie glared at him. "When do we get to meet this Randy you're so randy with?"

"I dunno. You want met him?" Sebastian winced thinking it was a bad idea.

"Yes, invite him over." Jamie winced back. "Sash and I want to meet this boy."

Sasha smiled so contently as if she were under a spell of some kind. Sebastian supposed it was all that sex.

"Fine." Sebastian wanted to be bitter. "You said he was too old for me?"

"I did." Jamie nodded. "I don't want you rushing into anything that you might regret."

"I won't." Sebastian promised.

"Fine." Jamie looked at him. Sebastian supposed this meant he needed to do the dishes and let them alone.


Cait said...

Sasha and Sebastian might get along the line..'randy with..'

elliestories said...

I'm glad Jamie is making an effort about Randy.