Saturday, October 31, 2009

just in time

Where had the time gone? They were in mid-air now on the jet taking them to Paris.

u r 16?

Sebastian smiled. It was a text from Randy. Sebastian didn't think he'd remember. Why hadn't they made up in time for the flight? This was suppose to be their roadtrip. But it hadn't happened.

Sebastian looked over at Jamie who was giving Risa a bottle while Sasha slept. He wondered what Jamie had to do with all of this. Sebastian couldn't stop thinking that perhaps this was all his doing. But he didn't know how. He definitely wasn't going to mention it to him now.

Sebastian texted back to Randy that he missed him and wished he was here.

As it was, he knew Anita had other things on her mind instead of him. He'd seen her with Lucas. He guessed she had to be with him. It felt strange being around her now. He wanted to smile and do something sweet, but she'd given him a look that told him to go away. And now he was.

He smiled just realising... where had 15 gone off too. Wasn't he turning 15? But he scrolled back to Randy's text.

u r 16?

It didn't seem possible. He guessed he wasn't 15. Possibly it was magic. He took a look at Jamie and smiled. It was his birthday. He was 16 now. Hard to imagine, but it was so.


elliestories said... he's suppose to be just 15..but somehow..he's now 16. Hmmmm..very interesting.

e.l. said...

That must weird.

dapper kid said...

Ooh his birthday and he's on a plane to Paris? That's win-win.