Thursday, October 1, 2009

in the end

Really, it was quite scandalous, all this talk with Rhys' mother over baby Risa and Sasha who couldn't dare fend for herself in an induced coma to save her from the virus.

"I want a paternity test." She demanded which made Jamie all the more determined to give her her wish. If thats what she wanted then it would be true. It was that simple. Perhaps it was the power of persuasion or something else in the dark forces of his nature. After all it was just paper. Someone somewhere would determine it in a print out in the end. And he could see now what he was left to do.

One thing would lead to another. It came down to having the marriage annulled.

Of course, with this looming all he could do was think of how horrible it would be for Sasha to awake and find the truth. He supposed he'd have to use a bit of manipulation to make it real in her thoughts, that it had been him she'd always been with. Not another. Not ever Rhys. It was best not even for her to worry herself about Rhys since well, he was good as gone. Gone away. Yet, still in a hospital bed with his mother watching over him.

"Really, it isn't quite that evil, now is it?" He'd talked this over with the cat when he was home alone. All Jamie could do was to mend his ways and the rest would follow, or so he thought Axel told him. Well, he would just wait and see how it turned out. As it was it was just a dream he'd conjured up, now wasn't it? He'd have to wait and see if anyone believed it.

At least it calmed Risa down. She slept through the night now. This was quite a relief to Jamie who'd almost lost his wits about it. But as it was, everyone started to believe he was Risa's father. All it took was a piece of paper in the end.


ellie said...

wow..quite mysterious how Jamie does things.

TearDrop. said...

You Write really well.:)

cait said...

Man, so Jamie is going to just be the father and Sasha's husband now...poor Rhys. Quite complicated.

cass and cady said...

This is sweet..yet so sad too. Hard to know who's side to be on.