Friday, October 16, 2009

fond but far away

Sebastian was doing his best to keep his head in a book at home. He wouldn't question his father about Sasha. If it was so, it must be. As it was, Sasha was very busy with Risa. He felt a little bad that perhaps he should help out. After all, wasn't Risa his sister?

"I never had a baby in the house, quite like this." He finally told Sasha after she'd nursed her and put her to bed. They both looked at her sleeping dreamily.

"I think she knows who you are?" Sasha just smiled, and she put her hand on his back. It felt so warm and full of joy. Why in the world would he want to go back to Paris and see his brother?

"You think?" He looked at Sasha. "Well, I will try my best to protect her. Not let a bad thing happen to her. That's what brothers do, isn't it?" He looked her in the eye and suddenly he felt so sad as if he'd left someone else behind. Anita. Wasn't she like a sister to him? Really? They'd had their rages through letters, but he knew he should be more supportive. It felt like a good time to call her. Of course, he was afraid they'd prohibit it, but in the end, the call rang through. And he heard her voice finally after so many weeks.

"Are you better?" He wanted to know.

"Of course." But he knew it was a lie, yet he didn't dare say anything about it.

"What do you do there?"

"Talk. Make things. Talk more." She was calm.

"I guess you must be sick of all the talking." He doubted she wanted to hear from him. "Listen, I'm sorry. I really am. I thought this would be best. I guess. Well, you scared me. You really did and I hope you'll forgive me. Please?"

"I'm sorry too." She actually meant it. He could tell. "Sometimes, I can get away from here on the weekends. You know- but I guess you're still with Randy."

"So?" Sebastian squinted. "He's my boyfriend."

"You tell everyone this? Even at school?" She sounded so bitter now.

"Yeah?" Sebastian squinted hard. "What is your problem?" He didn't want to fight about this. What was she expecting? Was he suppose to be pining for her?


cait said...

Just when you think things might be back to normal with these two..something has to be a problem.

ivy's closet said...

I so like them both.

e.l. said...

I hope they can be friends again.