Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a cry and then some

"Why can't you talk to me? I'm your father, you should be able to. I won't judge you, promise." Jamie was worried about Sebastian. He wasn't eating his snacks and he looked so sad. He didn't even touch his dinner.

"There is nothing to mention." Sebastian told him as they were cleaning up in the kitchen.

"There isn't, is there?" Jamie looked Sebastian over. "No hanging out late with your boyfriend. You walk around like a zombie, luv. What could it be?"

"Its over with Randy." Sebastian said so somber. "He's moved on."

"You're hurt'n and feel like that birthday of yours will be pure shit, is that it?" Jamie crossed his arms. It would be here in a few days. Paris was calling Sebastian home for a party. "Would you like for me to beat him up, for you?"

"No." Sebastian winced. "Promise, you'll leave Randy, alone."

"OK." Jamie squinted. "Was it something physical he did, you know?"

"NO." Sebastian lashed out. "Just shut it! You know nothing about me!"

"Precisely! My point exactly! Fuck's sake, I haven't a clue what's happened to you. Did you let him fuck you!"

Sebastian shook his head, no. He grimaced so and Jamie put his arms around him. Sebastian blubbered in Jamie's arm pit leaving a wet spot on his hunter green shirt.

"Lad, you have to let it out. What ever it is that's bothering you. I want to help." Jamie set down with him on the couch. Sebastian rubbed his wet red eyes with the palms of his hands.

"Its me! All right! I do all the wrong things! I do what feels right! At the time. Doesn't mean it is, you know." He could barely look at Jamie.

Jamie just nodded.

"I'm afraid I'm just like you. I am." He was so sad, shaking his head.

"In my gut, I know you've got your standards." Jamie sighed. "But there are things you just have to discover on your own. Granted, I liked the discovery part. I could have gone on for decades if life would let me. But you have a sincerity about you. You cherish things so. People. You do know how to love and that's so much more than lust. You do know the difference." Jamie hugged him close. Sebastian just nodded.


ellie said...

Jamie can be understanding.

selena st.john said...

This good.
This was really good.

I feel bad for Sebastian.

Meg said...

I hope Jamie and Sebastian can form a good relationship.

fan fic said...

Sebastian really needs some guidence now.