Sunday, October 25, 2009


They sneaked off to the park. There was still a chill in the air, but it was good to get away, thought Anita. School was so stifling, and she'd only been there a couple of hours.

"I should have known it was doomed. Once Oliver arrived." Sebastian told Anita over some chips they shared. "I, I thought we were going to last forever. I trusted him. It was so unexpected. Didn't think Randy would do this to me."

"You let him have a go at you? Penetration?" Anita winced as if this was a science project gone wrong.

"Actually, I had a go at him." Sebastian sighed.

"Oh." Anita couldn't help but smile. "You're such a naughty boy."

"Well, he wouldn't-so I-" He winced at Anita, looking her over. "Am I bad? Will they send me away, like you?"

"No, you probably just bruised his ego." Anita shrugged biting into a chip dipped in mayo.

"Is that really it?" He looked at Anita seriously. She smiled and reached for his lips with hers. It was nice. Perhaps a shock to him the first second, but the next kiss was open and lingering.

It felt so good to be free, she thought. Not to have to think about who you were meant to be. They held hands and pushed into each others warmth. She had no idea just how much she wanted him until now.


cait said...

oh, who would have thunk it. hmmmm.

ellie said...

This could definitely get complicated but YEAH!

Emily said...

wooooah that's going to get tricky haha :)

elliestories said...

Love the new header & colors. This could mean trouble!