Sunday, October 4, 2009


Katy had done the unimaginable. She hadn't meant to be gone this long from Maxie, but one thing lead to another. She supposed. She had ended Warren for good this time.

She sat there in the shadows for a good five minutes when it happened. Wondering who to call. The only person she knew in Spain was a distant cousin, Benji. It took a good thirty minutes before he arrived and then he told her.

"Well, we can only move him when its dark." Benji sighed.

"Ballocks! Are you sure we can't hurry it up, somehow?" Katy didn't like it this way.

"We'll toss him to the sea." Benji wasn't really bitter about it. "I know he's been a monster to you. And you finished him."

Katy nodded. Still upset, as she told him how she hadn't wanted to go away with him. No telling where I might be now. Far from here she feared. She feared she might never see Maxie again. She wanted to tell him it was an accident, but she wasn't sure. Of course, his only comfort was her not to think about it.

"Bugger, are you preggers?" Benji finally noticed.

"What? I'm on my honeymoon." Katy scowled. The faster they got this done, the better. Only it had been a long haul. Getting out of the city in Benji's truck. Driving up the coast. It felt endless somehow.

"We have to find the right spot, now don't we?" Benji just grinned. "Besides, its been forever since I've seen my cousin."

So she told him about Maxie and how worried he'd be. She was sure there would have been a massive hunt out for her, but there wasn't.

"I'll get you home once this is done." He didn't want her to say word to Maxie before then.


dapper kid said...

:O Say whaaaa?!! Woah, things just got serious, love it :D

e.l. said...

So crazy, but I do like Benji.

cass and cady said..., so strange, I hope Katy is ok.

Cait said...

He's cute..though..