Monday, October 5, 2009


Anita couldn't come to terms with it, but it was possible she was under Mia's control. What was it about her that fasinated her so?
They went everywhere together now.
"You must come to the party." Mia had it all planned out. "You'll meet my friends. Its so much better than here."
"But, how?"
"We've been good, right?" Mia smiled as if they'd done everything by the book there at the center. They went to their group sessions. They shared whatever story others wanted to listen too. Mia was an amazing actoress. And now she had gotten them the advantage of taking some leave time.
"How can we possibly get away with this?" Anita had a feeling where Mia would take them straight too. Her drug dealer. Of course.
"First you have to stop stressing." Mia looked at her as if she needed to snap out of it and follow her orders. "Its not a big deal."
Anita just nodded as if she was under her spell. She was so sure they'd have to sneak out at midnight. But there were their velchers in Mia's hand.
"Now we have the weekend, all to ourselves." Mia winked with a grin.
Anita somehow felt this would end badly. She wasn't sure she had the stamina Mia did for such adventures. She said a little prayer as they made their way past security. A part of her wanted to stay behind and hide in her room, but Mia wouldn't hear of it. She grabbed Anita's hand and they snapped up the first Taxi that came by.
"You know, I couldn't ask for a better mate." Mia grabbed Anita's arm as if she was the best BBF ever.


ellie said...

Mia sounds like trouble.

elliestories said...

I wonder what they'l get in to....

Cait said...

I don't know about those 2.

simon n josh said...

I'm sure it'll be interesting.