Thursday, October 29, 2009

as if

Franny couldn't get it out of her mind. Something was wrong. She could sense it when she passed Rhys's room at the hospital. He was like a magnet of some kind. There she'd be staring at him as if she knew exactly who he was, and then she didn't have any idea about him.

She saw his mother with him. She was quite sad. She said the family was about to give up on him. It was as if the one who should be here, wasn't.

"Who might that be?" Franny didn't understand. What was his mother talking about? And yet Franny wished she could help.

"I dunno," Rhys' mother shrugged. "But there has to be someone. Has to be. I'm sure of it. I just can't think of her name. Is it you?" The woman looked her over. Franny wanted to say she was crazy, but deep down, she didn't think she was. Franny thought it best not to mention Rhys' womanizing to her. Instead, she went straight to Jamie, asking him if he knew any of these circumstances surrounding Rhys'. Did he have a love one? Somewhere?
"Why would I know, such shit?" Naturally, Jamie blew her off. He was busy at work.
"Maybe I should ask Sasha about this. She would know."
"Why would she?" Rhys' gave her a soured glare. "If I were you, I'd go look that husband up of yours. Maybe you should take a good look at him. Perhaps you aren't taking good care of your man, dear sweet Franny."
Naturally, Franny didn't like the stare Rhys gave her. It was as if he could do things in a blink of an eye. Perhaps put a thought in your head to make it true. She was on to him. Or was she?

When she got home, she saw what Cecil had done. The tattoos had grown rampant. As if they'd sprouted down his neck, deep in to his chest even on his face.

All Franny could do was stare. What had she done? Truly done. She knew now she had to stay away from Jamie. But she embraced Cecil. She was determained to love his new tattoos.


e.l. said...

Poor Franny. but those are fantastic tattoos.

cait said...

Definitely interesting about Cecil..that must have been a shock for her.

Meg said...

Poor Franny. Jamie is a creep!