Saturday, October 24, 2009

are you in or out

Sebastian wasn't sure how Randy felt about him. Somehow, he knew the outcome. Randy wouldn't return his phone calls for starters. Then he was avoiding him like the plague at school. It hurt. Emotionally. But he did his best to suck it up. Go on with things.

And yet he felt quite miserable. It wasn't suppose to happen this way, but evidently, he'd been wrong.

"Can't you at least talk to me?" Sebastian didn't want to beg Randy at the lockers, but he couldn't help it.

It was as if he weren't even there.

"I'm going to lose you, aren't I?" Sebastian said louder than he wanted to. But it was true. He was. He hated this feeling. Perhaps it was defeat. But he'd seen it coming. Who was Randy walking toward? Oliver of course, in the hallways.

Sebastian thought he might cry. He so wanted to. The heat was beating up in his stomach. He barely made it in time to throw up. Maybe he was sick, after all. Finally, he found himself, squatting there in the hallway, not even wanting to find his way to lunch.

"What's wrong?" He looked up to see Anita looked down at him.

"I didn't even know you were back?" He hugged himself.

"Come on," Anita pulled him up. "Lets get out of here."


Emily said...

you're an awesome writer!!

ellie said...

What could this mean. Can't wait to see what happens.

e.l. said...

Oh..I love the header too!

elliestories said...

Thanks for the note. Can't wait to read more.