Monday, October 26, 2009


Was this an early Christmas present or just a Happy Halloween celebration?

Sebastian couldn't quite decide as he let Anita lead the way down to the abandoned factory by the river. She knew a secret way through the cracks that lead them in.

"My friend kept her boyfriend here once." She smiled back at him.

"Was he on the run?" Sebastian kept his voice quiet.

"No, just a druggie." She told him.

"Are you on something now?" He hesitated.

"No, silly." She found the room. There was a bed from what he could make out in the dark. She lit a candle then and undressed before him.

"What are we doing?" He winced, but she kissed his mouth before he had anymore questions as she unbuttoned his uniform, pulled off his tie and pushed his undershirt away.

"Well, I feel there are always some-body's rules to follow. I'm tired of them. Aren't you?" She drew him in. Goosebumps sprang across his back. He shivered so slightly as she unbuttoned his jeans.

"Don't worry we'll be safe," Anita said as if she had the power to protect him from werewolves and vamps. Instead she ripped open a condom.

When she gave his hard on a rub then, he was convince he pretty much liked sex with anyone, and she was truly the one he had wanted, initially. Naturally, she wouldn't let him feel miserable about that for long. He kept his eyes closed while she slipped on the condom. She kissed him more, all the while, maneuverings to the bed. They were so close. He was definitely not going to take notes on this. Really, there was no need too.



strong story!

elliestories said...

wow. what more can I say.

e.l. said...

Shocker. But I liked it. Interesting.

fan fic said...

oh..huh..yeah, those 2.

Cait said...

sooo sexy. wooo. I had no idea.