Friday, September 11, 2009

what had she done?

Sasha was upset now. What had she done? Leaving Risa like that for Jamie?

It felt impossible now that she'd succumb to him. Why? It didn't feel right. It was not what she wanted. So foolish. She'd worked so hard to make this work with Rhys. It was working. It was.

Rhys was happy. So happy now. She'd never seen him working so hard to provide for them. Being there for her. For Risa.

What had she done?

She went back to her room to let the baby nurse, but Risa wouldn't latch on. It was as if she knew. She knew exactly where Sasha had been and what she'd been up to with Jamie.

Sasha shook her head. She heard a clap of thunder. It was beginning to rain. A sad rain perhaps. Lightening about. It made her shiver as she held on to Risa pleading for her to take her breast.

She tried to remember what had happened with Jamie. It wasn't entirely clear to her. Muddled. Perhaps. Perhaps.

Sasha was so upset with herself. It was all her fault. If Rhys found out, it would be the end of them, wouldn't it? She'd told him she'd leave him if he didn't stay faithful to him. She'd even told him she'd see to it, he'd never saw Risa again. How could she have been so blatant about this.

She was sick of herself. Just sick. That's when she noticed Risa had a fever. This had nothing about being with Jamie at all.


e.l. said...

This just isn't fair to sasha. she has been a good friend to jamie.

selena st.john said...

i like the names you give to your characters,

"A sad rain perhaps."

love that line.

keep posting. i'm loving it :)

cait said...

aw, I do feel for her.

cass and cady said...

Jamie can be wicked. And I don't think this is Sasha fault. But I have a feeling she can't forgive herself.