Monday, September 7, 2009

weaving in and out like smoke

Well, had she forgotten how beautiful she was? Did he need to remind her?

These were things on Jamie's mind as he looked at Sasha who had left baby Risa downstairs in her crib. They were alone now. Very alone. He couldn't help but smile about that, thinking of the reason she'd came.

He couldn't resist. Perhaps it was just an assurance of who he really was. That he did exist in someone's mind. Even if they were far from here. Sasha was here and so. So, he let her kiss him. That was the way it worked. A trick he played on the mind. Perhaps that's the way it worked in the dark arts. Not that he dissected it much. He just let it happen. Just let it happen.

So it was better than he imagined. It was sweet, and it wasn't really much of a sacrifice. Now was it. They French kissed more and he had her in bed and it didn't mean intercourse was a must or anything. Really. But the more he touched her so. Felt the scar from the baby. Hardly ruff at all now. He just knew what she wanted, and he could show her much more. And he would. And he did. And then it actually happened. As if it was meant to be. Didn't know it really existed until now.

He thought of being inside her long after she left. Late into the night even. She was like a virgin. It really shocked Jamie that he'd let it go that far. Perhaps she'd remember nothing. Yet he wanted her too. Because it was truly magic. That was magic. Jamie was certain of it now.


aiLee920 said...

woah... this is an intense scene... just doing my daily rounds.. take care!!

cass and cady said...

amazingly mysterious..and sexy.

ellie said...

that jamie is wicked.

Meg said...

Very strange!

Cait said...

I do hope Risa is ok.